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RGV Web Pro Empowers Businesses

RGV Web Pro, short for Rio Grande Valley Website Professionals, have always provided South Texas business owners with an all-inclusive online business solution at an affordable rate. In short, we help business owners with their Websites, Email, document management, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, promotions, calendars, and sharing with ease.

We usually help business executives with two services: get online, or help with an existing presence.

Get Online

For business owners that are starting out and want to get their business online, the following is what we offer to every customer:

  • Domain Name
    We offer our clients choices where they want to register their domain names, either with us or another registrar like GoDaddy.  The reason why is because we want our small business owners to own their presence right from the start.
  • Website Hosting
    Website hosting, in short, is where your Website is stored and offered to visitors looking for information.  Our data centers are located in Texas and in Utah for fast and reliable service.  We also offer cPanel because of its ease-of-use, one-click installers, and more.
  • Website using WordPress
    We love WordPress!  WordPress is a Website publishing tool that enables people to setup their Website with ease using a beautiful theme and plugins. WordPress is an Open Source technology that is free!
  • Mobile Responsive Websites
    We don’t use the term “Mobile Responsive” as a sales pitch.  Heck, we’re not even sales people – we are in the service industry!  I digress.  All the Websites we setup are mobile ready.  There’s no way we will setup a Website that doesn’t conform to this standard.  The reason for this is because from the data we have collected over the years, we have seen that more than half of Website visitors are browsing on their tablet or phone.  So, we develop with the idea that your visitors will first research your brand from their mobile device.
  • Unlimited Pages
    How is this possible?  Remember when we said we use WordPress?  WordPress is a database driven Website, which means that you can publish content from your PC, mobile device, or even Email!  It’s that simple.  You don’t have to call us any time you want to update your Website.  I mean, sure, you can call us anytime you like – we love a hardy hello!  However, we want to help you get the most out of your Website.  We’re cool like that!
  • Search Engine Optimized
    How is this even an add-on service?  For us, this is a standard of Website development.  Basically, when your Website is coded correctly and setup logically, it’s easy for search engine robots to find your Website and visit its links to build a hierarchy of your content and information.  Plus, we take take advantage of the latest coding standards and practices that are encouraged by Google and other major search engines.
  • Google Business, Analytics, and Webmasters Setup
    Google, Bing, Yahoo, oh my!  We love what Microsoft and Yahoo have done for the internet, however, we have seen through data collected over the years that Google sends the most Website referrals.  So we set up our clients on Google.  It doesn’t stop there, however, as more search engines are improving their search algorithms and their services on a daily basis, we also offer solutions to get you noticed and found throughout the internet.  After all, the purpose for a Website is so that people can find it.
  • Social Media
    According to PewResearch, “As of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social networking sites.” That number is huge!  Especially since more than 2 billion people have access to the internet.  These numbers grow every day.  With that said, we help our clients build the social media presence that enables them to communicate with their clients.

Website Maintenance

We offer a variety of services to help business owners with their Website and online presence.  No project is too small or too large.  The reason for this is because our clients do what they do well.  That’s why they’re in business.  They’re not in IT and that’s OK.  They’re great at their business and we are great at ours and because of that, our clients come back and hire us – and we are honored to be of service.  For that moment, we’re their IT department and we take our role seriously.

Here’s how it goes.  They call us, we quote them, they approve, we get the job done, we invoice, and they’re happy.  We have never gone back to our clients to bill them for more than the original quote.  We are professionals and understand that time is of the essence and that every dollar counts.  For that reason, we honor every quote.  In addition to that, we inform them of the work we have completed.  If they have questions, we give answers.

We have also trained our client’s employees to use and improve on the technologies we set them up with as that empowers their organization to be the best it can be.  We basically train others until we are out of a job!  That’s no joke.  Why would we do that?  Because in Texas, there are more than 4 million small businesses and more than half of them do not have a Website as the adoption rate for technology remains low.  We are still researching that number, however, one thing is clear – we have a lot of work to do.

Call us and ask questions

We are here to be of service and we look forward to growing right along with our clients.  Call us or Email us and find out if we’re right for you and your organization.  While you have us on the phone, ask away!  We are in business to be of service.