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Windows 10 ISO

Download the latest version of Windows at Microsoft. Simply follow the source link below. We are in the process of a couple of upgrades with a Win 8.1 and 8 Pro drives.

Download Windows 10

Source: Windows 10 ISO

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Adler: A Unique Personal Blogging Theme for WordPress

If you’re on the hunt for a new WordPress blogging theme but the designs are all starting to look too similar, you may want to check out Adler. It is one of the more unique themes to land in the directory in recent months with its uncommon typography choices and bright bursts of color.

Source: Adler: A Unique Personal Blogging Theme for WordPress

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Add an Image to an RSS Feed

If you love to code PHP and would like to add an image to your WordPress RSS feed, here’s a helpful piece of code that can help enrich the feed you publish. Simply add the following to your functions.php file:


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Updated Blog Design Using Edin

Recently on our WordPress Web site setups, we’ve been keeping things simple. We keep costs low for our client by using well supported WordPress themes, a few choice plugins, then, apply our client’s logo, artwork/photography/images, and content.

What used to take several weeks of development now only takes a couple of days and our clients enjoy a powerful Web presence at low cost with a quick turn around. We offer fast service at a low cost and a high quality-of-service.

Currently, our theme of choice has been Edin. It’s beautiful, powerful, and ready-to-use.  You can read more about Edin, here. In fact, we have updated our blog with Edin as a sample, however, the theme does allow for a front page with widgets and featured pages as displayed in this post’s featured image.

We look forward to talking with you if you need some help setting up your Web site. No project is too big or too small and we’re ready to get your business online, today! Our experts have been building Web sites for over 10 years and we know you’re Web site will benefit from our vast knowledge of the Web.