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Thank-you, Ramsey!

Ramsey and I have been through some fun projects together since we started building Websites. I began with him during the MagX Web Design Division days building Websites for catering companies, McAllen Entertainment District businesses, coupon companies, musicians, promoters (one of which offers the largest EDM entertainment experience in Texas) and more. It was fun!

RGVWEBPRO (short for Rio Grande Valley Website Professionals) was born from those days.

Recently, however, Ramsey’s had opportunities to work on other projects, and, has had to step back from Website work. For that reason, he decided to transfer his share of RGVWEBPRO to me. All services will remain of high-quality, so nothing really changes. The only thing that changes is that I will be a little more nimble in decisions made in the interest of the clients that are hosted on RGVWEBPRO.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Ramsey for the opportunity to work with a mind like his, and, I look forward to the next project the future may bring us. I wish him the best in all his current and future projects. Thank-you, friend! As for the future of RGVWEBPRO, the outlook is great as I get to move forward in a direction of growth, innovation, and, customer acquisition.

-Jorge Saldívar