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Premium Domain Names, Hosting, and a Shift in Focus

RGVWEBPRO, a small-business domain name and Website hosting service provider, has updated the front page to help customers looking for cutting-edge domain names, and, Website hosting. Although we offer products our customers have come to expect (.com, .net, .org domain names and Website hosting), we now offer a variety of new Top-Level-Domain (TLDs) names that help business owners find the perfect domain name for their online presence. New TLD names include, but are not limited to, .fitness, .forsale, .auto, .one and many more. Additionally, we have also provided tools for customers to pre-register new domain name extensions, and, for trademark holders to secure their domain names.

For more information on our products and services, visit us at RGVWEBPRO for more information.

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RGVWEBPRO Updated Home Page

As RGVWEBPRO expands our products from online digital solutions to offline marketing products, we’re making changes to the home page of our primary site. It’s been updated so it’s as straight forward as possible. That way our new and existing customers can find what they need, fast. In addition to the main site, this change shall take place on our blog and various other online properties, so expect something new from us daily!

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#TBT: A Trip Down Memory Lane, Meetups and Mobile Responsive Website Design

When browsing the Wayback Machine at, this little piece of history came up, the first South Texas WordPress Meetup. There was a bit of nostalgia looking back at the old logo and the our very own “Open Publisher” WordPress theme used then. Given the era and emergence of mobile browsing, our site was an early adopter of responsive Web design. This enabled mobile device users better a browsing experience. When RGVWEBPRO upgraded to offer domain names and Website hosting, our main site moved to the blog and adopted the theme, Edin by



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Business Cards Plus

RGVWEBPRO is very pleased to announce the opening of Business Cards Plus–an all-in-one solution to business owners in the Rio Grande Valley. Business Cards Plus is located conveniently in the heart of McAllen, Texas, at 807 W. Pecan. Speak to Ramsey Ramirez for all of your business needs including; graphic design, logos, Websites, social media, print, and, business cards.


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RGVWEBPRO Now Accepts PayPal

RGVWEBPRO is pleased to announce we now accept PayPal for domain names, Website hosting, and invoice payments.

If you have any other suggestions for payment processing or have issues with PayPal, please let us know at support at We can also take payment over the phone with Square.

What are some of your favorite payment processing companies? Let us know in the comments below, via email or on our social sites!

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Thank-you, Ramsey!

Ramsey and I have been through some fun projects together since we started building Websites. I began with him during the MagX Web Design Division days building Websites for catering companies, McAllen Entertainment District businesses, coupon companies, musicians, promoters (one of which offers the largest EDM entertainment experience in Texas) and more. It was fun!

RGVWEBPRO (short for Rio Grande Valley Website Professionals) was born from those days.

Recently, however, Ramsey’s had opportunities to work on other projects, and, has had to step back from Website work. For that reason, he decided to transfer his share of RGVWEBPRO to me. All services will remain of high-quality, so nothing really changes. The only thing that changes is that I will be a little more nimble in decisions made in the interest of the clients that are hosted on RGVWEBPRO.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Ramsey for the opportunity to work with a mind like his, and, I look forward to the next project the future may bring us. I wish him the best in all his current and future projects. Thank-you, friend! As for the future of RGVWEBPRO, the outlook is great as I get to move forward in a direction of growth, innovation, and, customer acquisition.

-Jorge Saldívar

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Updated Blog Design Using Edin

Recently on our WordPress Web site setups, we’ve been keeping things simple. We keep costs low for our client by using well supported WordPress themes, a few choice plugins, then, apply our client’s logo, artwork/photography/images, and content.

What used to take several weeks of development now only takes a couple of days and our clients enjoy a powerful Web presence at low cost with a quick turn around. We offer fast service at a low cost and a high quality-of-service.

Currently, our theme of choice has been Edin. It’s beautiful, powerful, and ready-to-use.  You can read more about Edin, here. In fact, we have updated our blog with Edin as a sample, however, the theme does allow for a front page with widgets and featured pages as displayed in this post’s featured image.

We look forward to talking with you if you need some help setting up your Web site. No project is too big or too small and we’re ready to get your business online, today! Our experts have been building Web sites for over 10 years and we know you’re Web site will benefit from our vast knowledge of the Web.

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RGV Web Pro Empowers Businesses

RGV Web Pro, short for Rio Grande Valley Website Professionals, have always provided South Texas business owners with an all-inclusive online business solution at an affordable rate. In short, we help business owners with their Websites, Email, document management, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, promotions, calendars, and sharing with ease. Continue reading RGV Web Pro Empowers Businesses

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We Have Updated the Front Page to Better Serve You!

We have updated the front page of RGV Web Pro and stream lined our products and services so that we may be of better service to our clients. We have also done away with our monthly fee design service subscriptions and have established a per-quote basis. It’s simpler that way for our customers and us. We strive to make our customers happy and we’re sticking to that. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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Jorge Saldívar Now in Oklahoma City

RGVWEBPRO founder, Jorge Saldívar, is now living in Oklahoma City, OK. All products and services will remain uninterrupted with a continued focus on customer acquisition in Texas and now in Oklahoma.

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Our Blog has Moved

Since the redesign and relaunch, we’ve been shuffling things around here so that our information can be presented in a way that’s easy for both humans and search engine bots to read. Also, there was the concern that hosting our blog on the URL might be confusing as eventually, that page will contain information on WordPress itself.

Welcome to our new blog URL,!